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Burgundy Cymbidium Orchid Design AR308

SKU #: AR308


"Burgundy Orchids, grasses and hydrangeas, what a beautiful combination! Pack full with greenery and a touch of berries in a beautiful bronze colored vase. 27""H X 19 X 12. Add elegance to just about any room in your home by placing one of our lovely silk orchid designs on a table; it???s that simple. Our artificial Orchid designs bring lasting beauty into your home without the delicate care of real orchids. Browse through our large collection of cymbidium, phalaenopsis, and dancing orchid designs created with natural soft touch fabrics. We offer many of our silk orchids floral designs in trendy home decor colors with pods, vine and feathers for accent. For a simpler contemporary look, we offer several white and cream designs. Custom works always welcome; ask one of our professional floral designers to create a custom design for you using your favorite colors, vase and orchids. Satisfaction Guaranteed!"