Silk Flowers - A Modern Phenomenon

The craft of designing silk flowers has evolved into an art form. It combines color, texture, and composition to create artificial flower arrangements that beautify the heart and home. Today, silk floral designs are as varied as the spaces in which they are enjoyed. Whether your idea of the perfect silk floral arrangements is a sleek, contemporary vase of yellow silk calla lilies, or a country style bouquet of daisy silk flowers, bursting with color and joy, Designer Silk Plants and features artificial floral arrangements to satisfy every stylistic palette.
Designer Silk Plants and Flowers specializes in premium quality artificial flowers, silk plants, silk trees, and much more. Each of our silk floral arrangements are created by professionals and each is assembled by hand. As with fresh-cut flowers, no two silk floral designs are exactly alike.

A Brief History of Artificial Flowers

People have been recreating flowers with a myriad of materials for centuries. The earliest artificial flowers were crafted in ancient China. Cloth flowers began to catch on in the United States in the 1800s, but early efforts produced flowers that bore little resemblance to their living counterparts. Artificial flowers took a giant leap forward in the early 1970s with the use of plastics and high-quality synthetic fibers. These materials enabled manufacturers to create silk floral designs with greater botanical accuracy than ever before. Though the commonly accepted term is "silk flowers", it is something of a misnomer, as modern flowers are rarely made of silk.
Silk flowers have continued to get better and better. From the delicate veins running through the leaves to the way the stem seamlessly meets blossom, today's silk flowers are so realistic, they have to be touched to be believed. The flowers and foliage of each of the silk floral arrangements from Designer Silk Plants and Flowers are beautifully crafted from the finest available materials, creating the most realistic items possible

Benefits of Decorating with Silk Flowers

Many of the artificial floral arrangements available from Designer Silk Plants and Flowers are set in high-quality glass vases that are filled with a special acrylic water. The crystal-clear acrylic is poured into and then hardens in the vase making gorgeous silk flowers in acrylic water arrangements. The best part is, these liquid illusion silk flowers look just like fresh-cut stems standing in cool water.
Of the many advantages of artificial floral arrangements, the fact that they are virtually maintenance free is a real positive. Fresh-cut flowers look beautiful, but only for a few days. A silk floral arrangement from Designer Silk Plants and Flowers can look great for months and years to come and they need little or no attention except an occasional adoring glance. (Just an occasional dusting and spritz with silk flower cleaner is about all they need). Silk floral arrangements make thoughtful, lasting gifts and many arrangements can be packaged in premium gift boxes upon request.

Popular Silk Flowers

There is a huge variety of silk floral designs available, and Designer Silk Plants and Flowers makes browsing them fun and easy. You can search by price, season, colors and more. And large, full-color pictures and detailed close-ups enable you to fully envision how a particular arrangement will look in your home. Here are some popular silk floral arrangements:
Silk Daisies are part of the asteraceae family of flowering plants. The word aster comes from the Greek word for "star". The daisy, with its star-shaped flower, is a representative member of the family. Silk daisies are very versatile. Silk daisies of the gerbera variety come in bright colors and are popular in contemporary silk flower arrangements. Daisy silk flowers also look great mixed with black eyed susans, gypsophilia, freesia, and many other silk flowers.
Silk orchids are the perfect fusion of high color and high fashion. Native to subtropical and tropical areas, orchids have a distinct, exotic look. Silk orchid accents, centerpieces, and focal arrangements give orchid lovers a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from.
Silk roses are a classic favorite and are available in a wide selection of colors. Passionate dark reds, fresh whites, and charming yellows are a few of the types you'll find on Designer Silk Plants and Flowers.

Ordering a Silk Floral Arrangement Online

Above are just a few of the silk floral arrangements we have to offer. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us by phone or email. Our helpful, knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect silk floral arrangements for you.

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