$68.99 $56.99
Standing twenty inches high, this grand member of the orchid family is sure to make a spectacular impression.
$81.99 $68.99
Phalaenopsis silk orchid looks like a lovely, pink moth lighting on slender grasses. It looks great on glass, but the moss pot looks great on wood, too.
$94.99 $78.99
Available in 2 Gorgeous Colors

Silk Flowers in Acrylic Water
Liquid Illusion Silk Flowers
$135.99 $113.99
Bold, simple, and elegant best describes this gorgeous assortment of hydrangea.
$141.99 $118.99
Add a unique touch of flair to your home with this luminous natural-looking lotus. A bold beaming quintet of flowers sits perched on a shapely curvaceous stem, each bright petal graciously unfolding as if welcoming the sunlight.
$142.99 $118.99
Rose and snowball blooms combine in this elegant arrangement for your home. Dimensions are 15"H x 32"W. Ledge planters can be customized to match your color schemes and size requirements.
$151.99 $126.99
A sizable arrangement with lots of elegance. 33" tall.
$155.99 $129.99
Impress your dinner guests with this gorgeous hydrangea centerpiece. A lush medley of vibrant flowers and foliage is sure to capture their attention.
$165.99 $138.99
Nothing says beauty like fresh Magnolia flowers. The soft petals of the blooms, the delicate leaves, the twisting, berry-covered spines - there's just so much to look at.
$177.99 $147.99
A beautiful display of color in this arrangement of hydrangeas, peonies, protea & natural grasses in a gold antique scalloped bowl. Dimensions are 25"H X 26"W
$196.99 $163.99
Add a little passion to your kitchen or dining room area with this gorgeous medley of flowers and fruit. A crisp mix of blooms surrounded by lush red apples and plum colored grapes are sure to spice up any eating area.