A Mother’s Day Tribute.

May 11th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 8 of 8

May 10th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Hanging baskets as gifts for Mother’s Day.

Flowers and plants are among the most traditional gifts for mom on Mother’s Day.  As spring approaches, hanging baskets of all sorts become popular items.

Baskets of ivy, fern, Gorgeous and Stuff Best Shoes for Travel and other greenery are a perfect accent on a backyard deck and can easily brought indoors during cold months to be enjoyed year round.

Hanging baskets of mixed flowers are great for front porches with an overhang or awning as their necessary combination of shade and sunshine will be accommodated enabling them to thrive.  Like greenery baskets, hangings baskets of flowers can be brought indoors for winter months to bring a splash of color and cheer to a living room or hallway.

Baskets with artificial greenery and silk flowers have become more and more popular for outdoor usage.  Not only do they last year after year, they also don’t need the maintenance and skill that a basket of live plants would obviously require.

Whether artificial or live, fresh cut or silk, this year give mom a Mother’s Day hanging basket of plants and flowers that she can enjoy and appreciate as much as you do her!  Visit our site today and browse our selection of Mother’s Day silk flower arrangements, hanging baskets, and silk centerpieces.

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 7 of 8

May 9th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day Corsages.

Mother’s Day corsages are probably the most well-known and widely practiced Mother’s Day tradition. Whether worn to church or a special brunch in her honor, this special little touch is filled with meaning and love.

How to make your own unique and special Mother’s Day corsage:

Step one: Select your flowers. Always use odd numbers for your flowers. You either want one, three, or five flowers in your corsage. Depending on whether your flowers are silk or live, you may want to use wire to support them.

Step two: Gather them together in your desired arrangement and tape the stems with stem wrap. Stem wrap comes in two colors: white or green. Select according to the look you desire.

Step three: Add embellishments. Embellishments include baby’s breath, miniature forget-me-nots, gypsophilia, or greenery. These additions can be fixed to the existing corsage with the careful use of hot glue.

Step four: Trim your stems to an equal and desired length.

Step five: Wrap entire base in the same color stem tape as you used in step two.

Step six: Add a ribbon bow if desired and place pin in corsage through stems to use later.

How to pin on the corsage: Corsages should be worn so that they bend gently over the collar bone. Do not pin it into place too far down. The recipient should be able to turn her head and smell the corsage.

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 6 of 8

May 8th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day Flowers.

Flowers have been an emblem of love for centuries and on Mother’s Day, we literally send millions of flowers across the miles to our beloved moms. But with stylistic palettes as variable as the mothers themselves, how should I know which bouquet or silk flower arrangement will be the most cherished and enjoyed by my mom?

There is a group of flowers known for their cheeriness that are commonly used as Mother’s Day gifts because they are believed to be symbolic of motherhood and its affectionate nature. Those flowers are ones such as wild flowers, Gerber daises, tulips, or daffodils. They remind us of spring and the warmth of the sun… much like the warmth of motherly love.

Roses are also a very traditional Mother’s Day flower. Red roses express romantic love while yellow roses speak of friendship and joy. Pink roses are given to show gratitude and white roses show reverence and humility.

Carnations, orchids, and mixed bouquets are also popular choices; however one mustn’t limit themselves to this list if their mother’s personal taste varies beyond it. Here is a list of less common Mother’s Day flowers given either in a fresh cut bouquet or a silk flower arrangement that she will enjoy year round.

  • Calla lily
  • Hyacinth
  • Iris
  • Magnolia
  • Lotus Hydrangea
  • Amaryllis
  • Peonies
  • Freesia

Visit our site and browse our selection of Mother’s Day silk flower arrangements and silk centerpieces. Giving a gift of high quality artificial flowers means your gift won’t be all used up by next week. Give mom something to enjoy the whole year through!

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 5 of 8

May 7th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Suitable for any occasion liquid illusion silk flower arrangements make exceptional gifts for Mother’s day.  For years, silk flowers have taken a bad rap for their starchy, plastic relatives best known in our parents’ era.  Receiving “fake” flowers was more of an insult than a gift. 

No longer!! 

Today’s silk flowers are turning that all around.  Not only are they lifelike and realistic – often bringing curious observers to actually need to touch, smell, and feel the plant in order to determine whether it’s real or not – they are also a very economic alternative to replacing fresh cut flowers at the beginning of a new week.  With features such as dust- resistance and a selection that ranges from orchids and other rare beauties to daises and other common pleasers, one wonders why anyone would choose the old-fashioned route of spending the same cash on something that will end up in next week’s trash.

Liquid Illusion is a silk flower arrangement fit with a complimenting vase and arranged in clear liquid acrylic.  Depending on the look and feel desired, accessories such as river rocks, glass gemstones, small seashells, bamboo shoots, or leaf stalks allow for a unique and convincing long-term decorating investment.

Liquid Illusion silk flowers can be purchased pre-designed and ready to display, or they can be purchased in individual stems and completed by even the most novice of decorators. 

How to create liquid illusion silk flowers:

Step 1.  Select your flowers, vase, and accessories (stone, bamboo, etc).
Step 2.  Pre- arrange your flowers.  Once your arrangement is satisfactory, tie it together gently in a way that can easily be removed once the acrylic has hardened.
Step 3.  Following directions on the package carefully pour Liquid Illusion into base of vase using care not to splash onto walls of the vase.  Minimize free fall as bubbles will occur and harden.  A funnel is a suggested means of prevention.  (If adding fillers to the base of the vase, they must be in before the Liquid Illusion is added.)
Step 4.  Place pre-arranged flowers into Liquid Illusion and allow it to harden for 24-48 hours.  Remove tie once fully dried.

Voila!  Your very own, uniquely designed liquid illusion silk flowers, ready to fool even the keenest eye.

For pre-made Liquid Illusion silk flowers meticulously created by professional designers, please visit our site and browse our vast selection ranging from red roses, daisies, bird of paradise, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, amaryllis, calla lilies and many more.


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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 4 of 8

May 6th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

Mother’s day is one of those tricky holidays to buy the right gift for.  On the one hand, we know that the price tag means very little in comparison to the investment of time and love put into the gift.  On the other, we all know by now that chocolate just goes to her hips and fresh cut flower bouquets just end up in the trash by next week.  Using just a little bit of creativity and personal knowledge of your own mom, this year, surprise her with a gift that won’t hurt your pocketbook but will touch her heart.

Probably one of the greatest needs that a mom has is to have a day off.  Whether that means to treat her to a day out of food and entertainment or possibly to send her and Dad off to a weekend getaway, mom is sure to be delighted with such a gift.  A visit to the day spa is another excellent suggestion that will never go unappreciated as well than using a special gift from Dumonds furniture that has custom designs including office equipment.

If the mom you are celebrating has small children, it will be up to the adults (especially dad!) to guide them in shopping for or creating a special gift for her.  Crafts are an excellent gift from a small child.  A homemade picture frame with a photo of mother and child, a homemade card designed with special paper and sparkly stickers, a bouquet of pen and pencil flowers to use on her desk, or even a scrapbook with dozens of photos and little memos written next to them – these are all outstanding ideas that dad can do with the kids to let mom know how loved and appreciated she is.

As I said before, flowers and chocolates are great gifts except for the fact that they are used up so quickly.  For more long term enjoyment, pick a silk flower arrangement or silk centerpiece for mom that fits her décor and her personal taste.  With extreme realism, high quality silk plants are an excellent way to give a gift she can enjoy year round.  And if your healthy mom would appreciate a gift certificate to her favorite fitness store rather than a box of chocolates, that’s another way to give a gift that lets her know that you really know her likes and dislikes.

Another idea would be to create a compilation CD for her of all her favorite artists that she can keep in her car and be reminded to think of you often.  She will enjoy it every time she uses it and it will remind her of your special love and attention to her.

Go the extra mile this year and give mom a gift that tells her that you know her as well as she knows you.  Anyone can buy chocolates, but not just anyone knows her tastes like you do!

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 3 of 8

May 5th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day Tea.

Tea parties leave us with visions of Alice in Wonderland and proper English women in white lace gloves. The idea of having a tea for our moms on their special day can be somewhat daunting. My advice? Toss out tradition, embrace the 2000’s mindset of relinquishment of “the rules”, and break out of the stereo type. After all, one doesn’t need to have fine china and a sterling silver set to enjoy sipping a cup of their favorite hot beverage.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Finger foods can be as simple or complex as the hostess desires. Miniature sandwiches, bite sized candies or chocolate, or a baked treat are common platters to be found at an afternoon tea.
  • Use your real dishes. Again, toss tradition out the window, but retain some class and style. If it’s paper or plastic, you might want to save it for the next barbeque.
  • Diversify. Afternoon tea can be indoors or outdoors. It can be with a large gathering or as an intimate setting. It can be the main event or an afterglow to the main event.
  • Keep decoration simple yet elegant. Flower arrangements and plants are probably the most effective way to bring refinement and beauty to your party. Remember, less really is more. Remove any clutter from the room; arrange chairs to make conversation easy, place tea service and finger foods in a well lit and easily accessible area of the room, and have up to five or six elegant potted greenery plants and flower arrangements. Consider purchasing artificial plants and silk flower arrangements for their hypoallergenic benefits and their repeat usage for parties at later dates. Visit our site and browse our beautiful selection of Mother’s Day arrangements.
  • Eliminate mess immediately. Ask one of our guests or perhaps your co-hostess to be continually alert to soiled dishes and teacups and remove them immediately.
  • Consider prearranging a playlist of event-appropriate music to play gently in the background.

Mother’s Day is a time to let mom relax and feel extremely special. Going the extra lengths to discover what her favorite flowers and tea selections are will give the added message that she really matters to you. Remember, this isn’t the day to skimp. This is mom – go overboard!

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 2 of 8

May 4th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day brunch menu suggestions:

Kick sweet mom out of the kitchen and roll up your sleeves today. Here are some knock-out recipes to serve for brunch. Serve with coffee, tea, lots of friends and family!!

Mother’s Day French toast and cheese balls–

French Toast:

Four eggs
2 ½ tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
12 thick slices of bread
Powdered sugar to garnish

Brandied lemon butter drizzle for French toast:

½ c butter
1 c sugar
Juice of 2 lemons
4 tsp grated lemon rind
3 oz brandy


Beat eggs, sugar, salt, milk, and vanilla
Soak bread in wet mixture
Bake each slice on hot fry pan over medium heat
Drizzle with brandied lemon butter and sprinkle with powdered sugar before serving.

Cheese balls:

1 c grated cheese
¼ c flour
2 eggs
¼ tsp chili powder
½ tsp baking powder


Mix all ingredients and beat to a fluffy batter
Rest in cool place for 15 minutes
Heat oil in fry pan and fry spoonfuls till golden in color
Add sausage for a hearty brunch flavor.

Decorate your table with your best dishes, crystal goblets, and beautiful flowers. Or turn your decorating into a gift itself by purchasing a high-quality silk flower arrangement that she can enjoy for many Mother’s Days to come as well as all the days in between!

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A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 1 of 8

May 3rd, 2008 by Heather Dyer

In this series, we will discuss popular and unique ways of celebrating this special day when we honor our mothers. We will talk about gifts you can make and gifts you can buy. We will talk about cards and flowers and jewelry and poetry. We will discuss just about everything that can be done to make her feel special. So stick around!!!


I imagine that celebrating Mother’s Day is as diverse as the types of moms we can find across the US. No two moms are alike, and determining what makes this day special for your mom is something only you can do. Put forth a very special effort this year to tell her that you love her and appreciate all that she’s done for you and all that she continues to do.

When I was small, we would surprise mom with an orchid corsage that she would proudly wear to church. After a special message about the unsung heroes of today and perhaps a piece of poetry, we’d head to a brunch where mom was the guest of honor. No cooking and cleaning and turns in the kitchen for her this week… no siree. This was her chance to be pampered and treated like the queen she was.

From flowers to homemade gifts created with a child’s popsicle stick collection, gifts were never in short supply. Later in the afternoon, her girlfriends would come over for a very informal tea time. And if her girlfriends were tied up at their own Mother’s Day celebrations, we kids would whip up a pot of hot cocoa and marshmallow krispies to serve at our own type of tea party for mom.

Every part of that day’s events was special and well thought out.

Stay tuned as we countdown the last week before Mother’s Day and supply you with many helpful tips on shopping for or creating your own gifts and celebration plans. Stop by our site and browse our beautiful selection of Mother’s day silk flower arrangements.

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Where did Mother’s Day come from anyway?

May 2nd, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Back in 1907, Miss Anne Jarvis of Philadelphia thought that one day a year should be set aside to honor and celebrate motherhood. After all, no other job description is half as demanding and rewarding at the same time. On the anniversary of her own mom’s death, Jarvis arranged a special gathering at her church to honor the local mothers. The idea spread almost overnight. Within years, every state in the US and many countries outside of it were celebrating with her on the same Sunday every May.

In 1914, the idea became so widespread that Congress established it as a national observance and gave it its name: Mother’s Day.

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is observed with gifts of candies, chocolates, flower arrangements, and silk plants, but more recently, as motherhood itself has received some of its much-due attention, our celebrations of it have grown as well. Balloons, gifts, parties, decorating, meals out with family and friends, tea and coffee, and trips to the spa have become a common way to show love, respect, and tenderness to the one amazing woman in all of our lives.

Even today, mothers are largely unsung heroes. With three hundred and sixty four other days in a year, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to show your mom how deeply you love her, how much you admire her, and how much all of her hard work has meant to you. No one ever has or ever could duplicate the impact of a mom on the life of a child. Be sure she knows about the impact she’s made upon your life.

We at Designer Silk Plants and Flowers would love to assist you in selecting the perfect gift for you own very special mother, grandmother, or mother in law. We’re so sure you’ll love our stuff that we offer a satisfaction/money back guarantee. Stop by and check out our silk flower arrangements, indoor and outdoor wreaths, and silk centerpieces.

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