Outdoor wreaths: helpful hints for selection and usage Part 1

March 24th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

In this article series, we’ll discuss the elements of shopping to select the perfect outdoor wreath to compliment the area you have in mind. Artificial outdoor wreaths are a very effective way to bring color and texture to a front door, a back patio, a porch, or just about any outdoor area. We’ll also discuss how to be sure that your online transaction is safe and secure.

To start, determine the area which you are seeking to add enhancement. Ask some basic questions – What size outdoor wreath am I looking for? What sort of durability will I need to handle the outdoor elements? Is there a theme or particular color in the rest of my outdoor décor that my wreath will need to flow with? Will a live wreath, a dried wreath, or a silk outdoor wreath suit my purposes best?

Now that you’ve determined answers to your first question, next, let’s talk a bit about lighting. What is the temperature of your room? Because your wreath is outdoors, it is true that the lighting will technically be “natural” but does it have direct sunlight or does it bear the blue tones of sun shadow because direct natural light never shines in that room? Keep in mind that natural light will greatly enhance the beauty and vibrancy of your wreath. Is your current lighting adequate? Will the lighting of the space determine the hues of greenery or flowers in your outdoor wreaths?

Also be sure that your outdoor wreath is appropriately sized for the space you would like to hang it. Oversized wreaths look very nice as house ornaments while small dainty wreaths look very inviting on individual doors.

Next determine the season that your wreath will express. Use warm and bright colors of flowers, bright fresh greenery, and seasonal berries for spring and summer. Use rust colors, deep browns, grasses, or earthen accessorized wreaths for fall. Individual holidays such as Christmas, Easter, and July Fourth can be accentuated by a simple red bow, set of Easter bulbs, or decorative flag added to your current in-season outdoor wreath. You will want the blossoms and blooms of your outdoor wreaths to correspond with the blossoms and blooms of nature for that season. For example, in early summer, flower blooms will be bursting with vibrant color, but by early autumn, those blooms will have withered up and fallen off. Don’t display outdoor wreaths overflowing with spring bulb plants as fall is setting in.

Having determined the season, context, and lighting, you can now shop for the perfect outdoor wreath to compliment your area of need.

In our next installment, we’ll look closely at how to find the widest selection of wreaths with the smallest amount of effort and how to make a safe and secure online transaction. Stay tuned!

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