Silk Flower Arrangments: The Silk Advantage

March 28th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Silk floral arrangements are available in nearly every flower type found in nature. However, the advantages they boast simply don’t exist in their live counterparts. Not only are they hypoallergenic, completely non-toxic, and poison free – making them a family friendly option for households with infants, toddlers, or small animals – they are also a great way to turn the cash spent on a live plant into a long term investment that will provide decoration and enjoyment for years to come.

Today’s silk flower industry has come a long way in terms of design and realism. From delicate veins running beautifully through flower petals to the seamless meeting of stem and bloom, silk floral arrangements are often so convincing that only a smell and touch test proves them artificial.

Extremely low maintenance is also another very enjoyable benefit of Silk floral arrangements. No skill is required. No watering, no trimming, no replacing flowers every week. In fact, by selecting an artificial flower arrangement treated with a dust-resistant finish even eliminates the work of dusting your plant to keep it looking new and healthy. Just an occasional spritz with a silk floral arrangement cleaner is all they need.

Silk floral arrangements are now available set in high-quality glass vases that are filled with special acrylic water. This crystal clear acrylic provides stability to keep the whole arrangement looking as new as the day you purchased it for many years. And the best part is that these silk floral arrangements look just like fresh-cut flowers standing in cool water, however, they will still be being enjoyed a year from now instead of being in next week’s trash can. And with an array broad enough to please any stylistic palette, finding the perfect silk floral arrangement for your home, office, or place of business is an enjoyable experience.

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