Decorating with Asian flair.

March 30th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

The orient is a land rich in culture and tradition. Homes of the orient are noted for their calm and serene atmospheres. Main decorating elements include textures and colors found in nature. If you admire the traditional Asian sense of style and décor but aren’t ready to renovate your entire home, these simple and cost effective suggestions will help you to bring the tranquil essences of the orient right to your finger tips.

#1. Asian design includes objects and textures found in nature such as smooth stones in a miniature water fountain, paper screens, and bamboo accessories.

#2. Asian homes are influenced by colors of their natural surroundings: grays, greens, and tans. However, the Chinese prefer a much bolder approach, using colors such as bright red and mustard yellow.

#3. Asian inspired textiles add far eastern influence to your home.

#4. Figurines of mythical creatures will bring an oriental element of the mysterious to your table or cabinet.

#5. Rich tapestries, silks, and linens embroidered with Chinese/Japanese symbols, birds, or floral patterns are often used as window coverings, table cloths, or to create cushions and pillows.

#6. Accessorize with rich foliage and flowering plants that are native to the orient. Miniature bonsai trees, silk flower arrangements embellished with bamboo shoots, and other ferns are just a few suggestions. Consider a silk plant or artificial flower arrangement. Not only are they hypoallergenic and a long-lasting investment, modern designs have come a long way since our mother’s tacky, plastic plants. With extremely detailed and lifelike petals, branches, and leaves, you can enjoy the benefits of their low maintenance while fooling even your toughest critics.

#7. Wall plaques with Oriental symbols and lettering can be custom made to represent meanings special to you such as your family name or a word of personal inspiration.

#8. Carved wooden figurines shaped as elephants or tigers, flowers, or a miniature Buddha is easy to find at flea markets. Also look for items such as old trays, small delicate porcelain vases, trinket boxes, and jars decorated with hand painted roses or other delicate flowers.

#9. Accent a side table with a porcelain oriental tea set on a beautiful matching tray.

When trying to replicate the look of the orient, one must be careful not to overdo. Less really is more. The oriental are a minimalist people. They never clutter their homes with over-decoration. Before making purchases or changing the look of your existing room, visit some stores and browse through magazines catered to oriental decorating. Having a specific visualization of the desired end result is always a good place to start.

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