Decorative Wreaths: 5 tips for keeping them beautiful!

April 1st, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Using decorative wreaths to enhance the ambience of your home is a very common practice.  With so much tasteful variety available, they can be used on front doors, back doors, mantles, in photo arrangements and almost anywhere an elegant piece of wall décor is needed. 

Follow these five simple keys to beauty in any season.

SizeDecorative wreaths come in a variety of sizes.  From 12” all the way up to two to three feet in diameter.  Some people feel somewhat intimidated to use a very large wall wreath, but they really do make a stunning focal point for any room, especially one with vaulted cathedral ceilings.  Smaller wreaths can be used at the front door or in a photo collage.  Select a wreath that is the right size for its space.  Don’t cram a large wreath into a small space or put a delicate and dainty wreath as the centerpiece of a large empty wall.

StyleDecorative wreaths can be broken down into five general categories of style.  1) The traditional pine wreath.  Typically used during the Christmas holiday, they can easily be decorated with a red bow, a sprig of holly berries, and a string of portable lights. 2) Floral wreaths typically use a combination of real, dried, or silk flowers and foliage.  Depending on the color and tone of the plants used, these can be used in any season.  3) Foliage leaf wreaths.  Typically used in the fall, these wreaths feature such plant-life as variegated grass, grapevine, eucalyptus, twigs, and crawling ivy.  4) Berry wreaths mix a combination of greenery, evergreen branches, and seasonal berries to create a gorgeous wreath.  5) Decorator wreaths are custom made for a specific wall, color, or event.  Decorated with feathers, glitter, or other special ornamental features, these wreaths are designed to fit a specific look.

Placement – The larger the wreath, the higher it should be hung.   If you have a large spacious open wall that you plan to hang a 38” wreath, raise it higher than you would hang a 12” wreath intended as part of a photo collage. 

Accessories – Changing wreaths several times a year in order to stay in –season is certainly an option.  It is, however, costly, and does require storage of some rather awkward and large objects.  Instead, consider purchasing only two or three high quality wreaths that you can add seasonal accessories to.  For example, if you have a pine or evergreen wreath, you can easily add Christmas bulbs, lights, and bows for a quick holiday transformation.  And, using that same wreath in summer, you can instead weave magnolia blossoms and greenery through the branches. 

Care and maintenance – Unfortunately, live wreaths are only beautiful so long as they are fresh.  Dried wreaths can be somewhat delicate and therefore tricky to keep dust-free, but so long as you observe a regular routine, you shouldn’t have much trouble.  It is reasons like this that an artificial decorative wreath is a nice option.  Not only are high quality wreaths designed with a dust-resistant protection, cleaning them won’t damage delicate and fragile details.  Keeping your wreaths clean, dust-free, and beautiful will only add to their beautiful affect in your décor.

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