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April 7th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

They taught us to read and write and count and spell.  They taught us manners and how to interact with other children and how to respect the authorities in our lives outside of mom and dad.  Their contribution to our lives is immeasurable.  To say we wouldn’t be who we are now without their investment into our earlier life is an understatement to be sure.

Now the years have passed and it is our son or daughter now heading off every day to grow and learn and be shaped into the educated adult they will become.  Each day, we pack their lunches and tie bows in their curls before sending them off for another day with their teachers.  We place all of our confidence and trust in the skills and love of these special women and men who’ve chosen to dedicate their life’s work to our children.  Some of us even grew up to become teachers ourselves – often inspired by to do so because of a long-lost but well-remembered teacher in our elementary years that left a remarkable impression on our young life.

Precious few opportunities arise each year to give teachers the proper praise the are due.  When one such occasion arrives, this year, leave the red shiny apple in the refrigerator drawer and give them a gift that truly lets them know you appreciate how important they really are.  Here are some helpful suggestions:

Crafts made by their own students are often the most love gifts by all teachers.  The time and creativity exerted shows them that not only are they appreciated, they also see that the gifts and talents they are bestowing upon the children are coming back to them in tangible form.  Wooden calendars are nice gifts because they can be kept in the classroom and enjoyed by all. Sewing busket for storing your sewing kit is also a very nice and practical gift.

Teachers aren’t teacher 24/7.  When they go home at 3:30, they become normal people with normal lives and normal interests.  Find out what your teacher’s favorite foods or forms of entertainment are and then surprise them with a gift certificate.

A homemade craft to be used as décor for teacher’s desk is always a big hit as well.  A quick visit to the local hobby and craft store will render countless ideas that any child can complete on his own.  Frames, decorated boxes for pencils, flower-pen/pencil bouquet, or a change dish to be used for paper clips and erasers are nice examples.

Gifts of flowers and plants are exception ideas because the teacher can choose whether to enjoy them at school or to take them home to keep there.  For a plant gift offering a longer-term enjoyment, consider an artificial plant, decorative wreath, or silk flower arrangement.  With extremely life like blooms, leaves, and branches and very low maintenance, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

Gift baskets have become quite popular in the past decade.  All you need to know are just a few personal tidbits of information about your lucky recipient and you yourself can design a basket for their exact likings.  What better way to tell them that they are special than to notice the small details of their likes and dislikes.

Never give a gift without taking the time to pick up a real pen and a real paper and write a real note.  In this era of technology, we forget the powerful impact of person to person contact that a hand written card can afford.

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