Low maintenance sunroom gardens.

April 9th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Adding a sunroom this year? Already have one? Having a sunroom keeps summer and spring alive in your home year round – regardless of snow, sleet, or cloudy days. One doesn’t need to be a green-thumb to accessorize with flower blooms and bright vibrant greenery. Instead of live plants that require intense maintenance and tending, consider silk flower arrangements and artificial plants.

Silk flower arrangements and artificial plants have certainly come a long way in the last half decade. To look at them now, you’d have to double or triple check to be sure they actually aren’t live. With extremely lifelike blooms, leaves and branches, you’re sure to have your own garden in no time. Their hypoallergenic benefits and extremely low maintenance make shopping for high-quality artificial plants simple and enjoyable.

Start with a mix of tall potted artificial trees. Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create, trees such as bonsai or ficus bring a certain oriental flare. Of course, there are the more traditional options as well – palms of many varieties, bamboo, maple, flowering trees, and tropical silk trees name just a few. Add depth and height to corner spaces of your sunroom with tall trees.

Then fill in the room with tabletop potted plants. Sticking to artificial plants will mean very little maintenance for you. Just a weekly dusting and they will fool even your toughest critics. Select items already in beautiful pots that coordinate with your décor. Bromeliad, wild grass, cycas palm, Athenian, laurel, ivy, ferns, wild onion grass. Choose large greenery arrangements.

And last, select an array of bright blooms. Silk flowers in acrylic water are a nice table centerpiece. Consider a lovely hanging basket of impatients or geraniums to add more height or a wreath of magnolia, daisy, hydrangea, or roses to hang on the wall behind sun room furniture or on the patio door. You can even fill in with some live plants as well to enjoy their scent and oxygenation benefits.

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