Mailbox curb appeal.

April 11th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. They are tall or short, wooden or brick, country and modern. Some look like miniature replicas of our house. Others like John Deere tractors. But most look like the traditional box and red flag that we all know so well. They often don’t look a thing alike, but they all have the same purpose: to hold the mail.

Without many of us realizing it, our mailboxes are actually the first impression of our homes. They stand proudly at the end of our driveways greeting our guests as they arrive. With just a bit of creativity and some maintenance put into the landscaping of this small area, the paybacks can be quite rewarding. Consider using silk flowers and artificial vines or plants to reduce maintenance.

Here is a short list of easy ideas for the mailbox area:

1. Used like a trellis, a mailbox can be a great place to add some green. Creeping plants such as clematis, moonflower, Virginia creeper, kiwi vine, and bougainvillea are nice plants for such uses.

2. Make an even circle around the base of the mailbox and remove grass. Fill in with rich soil and use the area to plant flowers and small shrubs. For a nice finishing touch, add mulch or decorative smooth stones. For lower maintenance with the same impact, use artificial plants designed for outdoor usage.

3. Not only will adding house numbers to your mailbox add to its curb appeal, it will also make your home much easier to find.

4. With a sanding block, a half gallon of fresh outdoor paint, and an hour or two of elbow grease, your old wooden mailbox post can look like new again. If necessary, replace or paint the box as well.

5. People with large brick homes often build large brick mailboxes for a very rich and refined first impression. This can get expensive, but the upkeep is minimal and the effect is well worth the extra cash spent.

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