Spring and summer decorative wreaths.

April 13th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Welcome guests this spring with a warm, decorative wreath on your front door. With such a wide variety to choose from, any stylistic palette can be pleased. Whether purchasing for long-term usage or for one season’s use, a wreath will liven up any home’s entrance.

White magnolias are a lovely spring selection. Magnolia blossoms are pure white with dark green leaves on a vine base. Its stark contrast is both elegant and refined.

For a light, happy summer feel, look for door wreaths made with a combination of morning glory, petunias, eucalyptus, dainty ferns, hydrangea, daisies, peonies, or other brightly colored blooms.

If floral isn’t your preference, consider a more earthy approach and look for a decorative wreath accessorized with textured balls, pine cones, variegated grasses, wheat stalks, feathers, leaves, and moss. Or for a Victorian, romantic ambiance, select a wreath of roses accented with ivy, berries, grapevine, eucalyptus, or small blooms and buds of other flower types.

For outdoor use, be sure to choose a door wreath sized in proper proportion to the door where it will be hung. Small and dainty wreaths tend to shrink the illusionary size of your door considerably. A large wreath with large blossoms and overflowing greenery will have the opposite affect – seeming to add size. For double hung doors, a matching wreath for both doors is best.

Now that you’ve purchased your outdoor wreaths, you’ve left to simply hang them in the desired locations. Wreath hangers are available at most craft stores and where wreaths are sold for under $15. The most common wreath hanger is an over the door holder. One part of the wreath hanger fits snugly over the top of the door while the hook part hangs down for the wreath to be hung from. Another popular display method is a wreath stand. While obviously not a good choice for a front door, it can work nicely in a corner of the porch arranged next to a wicker rocker. There are also various weighted ledge hangers that work by placing the weighted base on a ledge and fixing the wreath into place on the hanger that comes down from the base.

For seasons when your decorative wreaths are not in use, you might consider investing in wreath storage boxes. They are available in cardboard and in durable, air-tight plastic. Their circular-shape will help maintain your outdoor wreath’s shape while stored far better than plastic wrap and tape. Stacking wreath-storage boxes help greatly in organizing both small and large houses. They make for quick access and great space utilization. Just pull out the storage box, open them to see ‘like- new’ sets of door wreaths.

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