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April 21st, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Welcome to Designer Silk Plants and Flowers where finding the perfect silk flower arrangement, artificial plant, or silk palm tree to accent for your living or work space is just a click away. Enjoy browsing through our broad selection featuring large, full color images to add ease and enjoyment to your online shopping experience. Here are some of our favorite best sellers:

Silk Palm Trees:Potted meticulously by the hands of our professional designers, these silk palm trees come in an array of sizes and species such as Sago, Areca, Banana, Cycas, Raphis, Phoenix, and Fishtail (and can be easily purchased from Add height to a bland corner or lend an exotic flavor to any room.

Indoor and outdoor wreaths: Created with durable synthetic materials that will last a lifetime, our outdoor wreaths are stunning additions to your front door, patio, or indoor d├ęcor. With our vast selection, you can easily decorate for all seasons.

Calla Lily Liquid Illusion: Native to southern Africa, the zantedeschia is a genus of twenty-eight species of herbaceous flowering plants. Among them is the stunning calla lily. Most known for its early spring appearance in Easter bouquets, these beauties can be enjoyed year round. Visit our Liquid Illusion Collection of silk flower arrangements to browse our lilies and other spring bulb arrangements including iris, hyacinth, freesia, tulips, and daffodils.

Silk orchids: Best known for their bold flavor and simplistic elegance, our silk orchids look so lifelike that people often need to touch and smell them just to be sure. Add a splash of the tropics to your table with a Liquid Illusion Orchid arrangement available in a broad selection of color, vases, and accessories such as river stones or bamboo shoots.

Ordering our products online:
Above are just a few of the silk floral arrangements we have to available Please visit our site to begin your search for the perfect radiant, lifelike silk flower arrangement, artificial plant, or silk tree. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by phone or email. Our friendly team is waiting to help you find the perfect silk floral arrangements.

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