Mother’s Day gift baskets.

April 25th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Giving and receiving gift baskets stuffed to the rim with event-appropriate goodies became popular in the late 90’s.  Stores and online sites dedicated to designing, arranging, and delivering these enviable gifts are not in short supply.  But why not go just a bit further and prepare the basket yourself?  After all, who knows your loved one better than you? 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are some helpful suggestions for creating the perfect gift basket for that special woman in all of our lives.

The Basics of Baskets:

  1. Pick a basket that is itself a gift.  Do not select a cheap, easily broken, ugly basket, box, or case for your gift.  The idea is that when all the goodies are gone, they are left with something very remarkable to use over and over and by which remember your generous gift.
  2. Know the tastes and preferences of your recipient.  For example, I personally don’t like chocolate, but how many other women wouldn’t want it?  See what I mean?  Know the person you are sending the basket to before you purchase its contents.  This tells them that they are special enough to you to know their likes and dislikes.
  3. If the basket is for a specific event, keep the contents appropriately themed.  Avoid purchasing fillers that are completely random from each other.  For example, a Mother’s Day basket would be tailored to your specific mother.  If your mother likes gardening, it would probably have some magazines, garden tools, seed packets, and perhaps some miniature pots and starters for a window herb garden.  However, if your mother loves reading, it would probably include a new book, a tea cup and saucer paired with a box of her favorite tea, a fountain pen, an embroidered or beaded bookmark that she will cherish for many years, and perhaps a small, lightweight blanket to toss over her lap while enjoying her next reading session.

  4. Add flowers and greenery.  Probably the best option in basket arranging is to purchase high quality silk flower arrangements and artificial greenery.  Not only will they handle being packed, if the item is potted and arranged beautifully, it will be enjoyed once the basket itself has been emptied.
  5. The best way to hold your beautifully arranged basket together is with large strips of cellophane wrap.  Lay two long strips (longer than the length that would be required) in an “X”.  Place the basket in the center and wrap both sides up.  Tie with a wide, beautiful ribbon.  If basket will be shipped, put in an over-sized box and pack carefully with packing peanuts to ensure its intact arrival.
  6. Don’t forget your own personal greeting.  If you’re going to go to all the trouble of designing and arranging a basket for your Mother on Mother’s Day, don’t buy the first Hallmark card your hands land on and sign your name to the bottom.  Words from her child mean more to a mother than any gift.  Take the time to hand write thoughts of your love, respect, and gratitude for her.  Likely, that will be the gift that she will treasure the most.

We at Designer Silk Plants and Flowers would love to lend a hand and make this a memorable Mother’s Day for your mom.  Check out our silk flower arrangements, candles, and other gifts to fill your Mother’s Day basket.

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