Suggestions for hard-to-decorate spaces. Part 1 of 6

April 26th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

In this blog series, we will discuss the 6 most common hard-to-decorate spots in the home. We’ll talk about different lighting techniques, the use of accessories and plants, and the use of paint to bring life to dull and difficult spaces. Be sure to stay tuned for the entire series!!

Probably the most common hard-to-decorate space is a room with an extremely high ceiling. Depending on whether or not the wall has windows, stairs, or just a big long, tall openness, there are actually a variety of wonderful things you can do to bring some major drama to your living area. Turn that open space into a wide open canvas.

  • The best place to start to bring some manageability to that space is to paint. Remembering that light color offers the illusion of height and spaciousness and that dark color provides a boundary and helps to bring a bit of the size under control, you’ll want to determine what your priority is.
  • Next, are there windows on the wall? Often when you’re dealing with a 20’+ wall, you’ll also be dealing with windows stacked one on top of the other. For an elegant and dramatic effect, consider floor to ceiling drapes.
  • If there are no windows and the wall is wide open, another way to bring the space down to size a bit is to add large pieces of artwork. Never use small art or framed photos in large spaces like this. The “knick knack” look only accentuates the obvious fact that you have no idea what to do with your oversized space. If your wall is oversized, your art should be as well. And if you’ve got some creativity in your pinky, you can wrap a wooden frame with canvas all by yourself and use some leftover accent paint to create your own original for under $50.
  • Tall furniture pieces or silk trees are probably the best way to bring dimension. If you think of it, the odd part about that sized wall is the fact that most of your furniture stands up to your waist level – possibly higher for pieces like an entertainment center – and the ceiling is a good 15 + feet above that. Bringing in pieces that are quite tall themselves brings down the feel of the distance between your furniture and décor and the ceiling. This is why floor to ceiling drapes is such a helpful idea. Check out our selection of silk trees that come in all shapes, sizes, and décor styles. Buying artificial instead of live means that you’ll not need to invest on a weekly basis to the care and maintenance of your new plant, but you’ll still get the dramatic benefits of the height the tree will bring. With exceptionally lifelike branches and leaves, your tree will be quite a convincing replica of its live counterpart.
  • An oversized decorative indoor or outdoor wreath is also a favorable option. Perhaps even paired with the artwork previously mentioned, it breaks up the open space and can easily be tied into the colors of paint and furniture with careful selection of its flowers and greenery. Here is a lovely selection that you’ll certainly find helpful.

Employing any of these ideas will bring life to a wall that has previously been just a nuisance to you. Please stay tuned for the rest of the week while we continue to discuss hard-to-decorate spaces.

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