Where did Mother’s Day come from anyway?

May 2nd, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Back in 1907, Miss Anne Jarvis of Philadelphia thought that one day a year should be set aside to honor and celebrate motherhood. After all, no other job description is half as demanding and rewarding at the same time. On the anniversary of her own mom’s death, Jarvis arranged a special gathering at her church to honor the local mothers. The idea spread almost overnight. Within years, every state in the US and many countries outside of it were celebrating with her on the same Sunday every May.

In 1914, the idea became so widespread that Congress established it as a national observance and gave it its name: Mother’s Day.

Traditionally, Mother’s Day is observed with gifts of candies, chocolates, flower arrangements, and silk plants, but more recently, as motherhood itself has received some of its much-due attention, our celebrations of it have grown as well. Balloons, gifts, parties, decorating, meals out with family and friends, tea and coffee, and trips to the spa have become a common way to show love, respect, and tenderness to the one amazing woman in all of our lives.

Even today, mothers are largely unsung heroes. With three hundred and sixty four other days in a year, don’t let the opportunity pass you by to show your mom how deeply you love her, how much you admire her, and how much all of her hard work has meant to you. No one ever has or ever could duplicate the impact of a mom on the life of a child. Be sure she knows about the impact she’s made upon your life.

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