A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 3 of 8

May 5th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day Tea.

Tea parties leave us with visions of Alice in Wonderland and proper English women in white lace gloves. The idea of having a tea for our moms on their special day can be somewhat daunting. My advice? Toss out tradition, embrace the 2000’s mindset of relinquishment of “the rules”, and break out of the stereo type. After all, one doesn’t need to have fine china and a sterling silver set to enjoy sipping a cup of their favorite hot beverage.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Finger foods can be as simple or complex as the hostess desires. Miniature sandwiches, bite sized candies or chocolate, or a baked treat are common platters to be found at an afternoon tea.
  • Use your real dishes. Again, toss tradition out the window, but retain some class and style. If it’s paper or plastic, you might want to save it for the next barbeque.
  • Diversify. Afternoon tea can be indoors or outdoors. It can be with a large gathering or as an intimate setting. It can be the main event or an afterglow to the main event.
  • Keep decoration simple yet elegant. Flower arrangements and plants are probably the most effective way to bring refinement and beauty to your party. Remember, less really is more. Remove any clutter from the room; arrange chairs to make conversation easy, place tea service and finger foods in a well lit and easily accessible area of the room, and have up to five or six elegant potted greenery plants and flower arrangements. Consider purchasing artificial plants and silk flower arrangements for their hypoallergenic benefits and their repeat usage for parties at later dates. Visit our site and browse our beautiful selection of Mother’s Day arrangements.
  • Eliminate mess immediately. Ask one of our guests or perhaps your co-hostess to be continually alert to soiled dishes and teacups and remove them immediately.
  • Consider prearranging a playlist of event-appropriate music to play gently in the background.

Mother’s Day is a time to let mom relax and feel extremely special. Going the extra lengths to discover what her favorite flowers and tea selections are will give the added message that she really matters to you. Remember, this isn’t the day to skimp. This is mom – go overboard!

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