A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 4 of 8

May 6th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Mother’s Day gift suggestions.

Mother’s day is one of those tricky holidays to buy the right gift for.  On the one hand, we know that the price tag means very little in comparison to the investment of time and love put into the gift.  On the other, we all know by now that chocolate just goes to her hips and fresh cut flower bouquets just end up in the trash by next week.  Using just a little bit of creativity and personal knowledge of your own mom, this year, surprise her with a gift that won’t hurt your pocketbook but will touch her heart.

Probably one of the greatest needs that a mom has is to have a day off.  Whether that means to treat her to a day out of food and entertainment or possibly to send her and Dad off to a weekend getaway, mom is sure to be delighted with such a gift.  A visit to the day spa is another excellent suggestion that will never go unappreciated.

If the mom you are celebrating has small children, it will be up to the adults (especially dad!) to guide them in shopping for or creating a special gift for her.  Crafts are an excellent gift from a small child.  A homemade picture frame with a photo of mother and child, a homemade card designed with special paper and sparkly stickers, a bouquet of pen and pencil flowers to use on her desk, or even a scrapbook with dozens of photos and little memos written next to them – these are all outstanding ideas that dad can do with the kids to let mom know how loved and appreciated she is.

As I said before, flowers and chocolates are great gifts except for the fact that they are used up so quickly.  For more long term enjoyment, pick a silk flower arrangement or silk centerpiece for mom that fits her décor and her personal taste.  With extreme realism, high quality silk plants are an excellent way to give a gift she can enjoy year round.  And if your healthy mom would appreciate a gift certificate to her favorite fitness store rather than a box of chocolates, that’s another way to give a gift that lets her know that you really know her likes and dislikes.

Another idea would be to create a compilation CD for her of all her favorite artists that she can keep in her car and be reminded to think of you often.  She will enjoy it every time she uses it and it will remind her of your special love and attention to her.

Go the extra mile this year and give mom a gift that tells her that you know her as well as she knows you.  Anyone can buy chocolates, but not just anyone knows her tastes like you do! 

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