A Mother’s Day blog series. Part 5 of 8

May 7th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Suitable for any occasion liquid illusion silk flower arrangements make exceptional gifts for Mother’s day.  For years, silk flowers have taken a bad rap for their starchy, plastic relatives best known in our parents’ era.  Receiving “fake” flowers was more of an insult than a gift. 

No longer!! 

Today’s silk flowers are turning that all around.  Not only are they lifelike and realistic – often bringing curious observers to actually need to touch, smell, and feel the plant in order to determine whether it’s real or not – they are also a very economic alternative to replacing fresh cut flowers at the beginning of a new week.  With features such as dust- resistance and a selection that ranges from orchids and other rare beauties to daises and other common pleasers, one wonders why anyone would choose the old-fashioned route of spending the same cash on something that will end up in next week’s trash.

Liquid Illusion is a silk flower arrangement fit with a complimenting vase and arranged in clear liquid acrylic.  Depending on the look and feel desired, accessories such as river rocks, glass gemstones, small seashells, bamboo shoots, or leaf stalks allow for a unique and convincing long-term decorating investment.

Liquid Illusion silk flowers can be purchased pre-designed and ready to display, or they can be purchased in individual stems and completed by even the most novice of decorators. 

How to create liquid illusion silk flowers:

Step 1.  Select your flowers, vase, and accessories (stone, bamboo, etc).
Step 2.  Pre- arrange your flowers.  Once your arrangement is satisfactory, tie it together gently in a way that can easily be removed once the acrylic has hardened.
Step 3.  Following directions on the package carefully pour Liquid Illusion into base of vase using care not to splash onto walls of the vase.  Minimize free fall as bubbles will occur and harden.  A funnel is a suggested means of prevention.  (If adding fillers to the base of the vase, they must be in before the Liquid Illusion is added.)
Step 4.  Place pre-arranged flowers into Liquid Illusion and allow it to harden for 24-48 hours.  Remove tie once fully dried.

Voila!  Your very own, uniquely designed liquid illusion silk flowers, ready to fool even the keenest eye.

For pre-made Liquid Illusion silk flowers meticulously created by professional designers, please visit our site and browse our vast selection ranging from red roses, daisies, bird of paradise, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, amaryllis, calla lilies and many more.


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