Bestseller silk flower arrangements, trees, and wreaths.

April 21st, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Welcome to Designer Silk Plants and Flowers where finding the perfect silk flower arrangement, artificial plant, or silk palm tree to accent for your living or work space is just a click away. Enjoy browsing through our broad selection featuring large, full color images to add ease and enjoyment to your online shopping experience. Here are some of our favorite best sellers:

Silk Palm Trees:Potted meticulously by the hands of our professional designers, these silk palm trees come in an array of sizes and species such as Sago, Areca, Banana, Cycas, Raphis, Phoenix, and Fishtail (and can be easily purchased from Add height to a bland corner or lend an exotic flavor to any room.

Indoor and outdoor wreaths: Created with durable synthetic materials that will last a lifetime, our outdoor wreaths are stunning additions to your front door, patio, or indoor décor. With our vast selection, you can easily decorate for all seasons.

Calla Lily Liquid Illusion: Native to southern Africa, the zantedeschia is a genus of twenty-eight species of herbaceous flowering plants. Among them is the stunning calla lily. Most known for its early spring appearance in Easter bouquets, these beauties can be enjoyed year round. Visit our Liquid Illusion Collection of silk flower arrangements to browse our lilies and other spring bulb arrangements including iris, hyacinth, freesia, tulips, and daffodils.

Silk orchids: Best known for their bold flavor and simplistic elegance, our silk orchids look so lifelike that people often need to touch and smell them just to be sure. Add a splash of the tropics to your table with a Liquid Illusion Orchid arrangement available in a broad selection of color, vases, and accessories such as river stones or bamboo shoots.

Ordering our products online:
Above are just a few of the silk floral arrangements we have to available Please visit our site to begin your search for the perfect radiant, lifelike silk flower arrangement, artificial plant, or silk tree. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us by phone or email. Our friendly team is waiting to help you find the perfect silk floral arrangements.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day!!

April 20th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

One day a year, we cancel all our usual plans and set out to make the day super special for that one amazing woman in our life – mom.

Flower arrangements and plants are probably the most traditional Mother’s Day gift. They are such a personalized way of making her feel special. Nothing says “I love you” more than picking a bouquet that is just her style.

Here is a list of popular Mother’s Day bouquets, plants, and floral arrangements:

  • Mixed bouquets
  • Carnations
  • Daffodils
  • Roses
  • Tulip
  • Freesia
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Iris
  • Lily
  • Foliage plants

This year, consider a silk flower arrangement for her. Not only are they hypoallergenic and low maintenance, they also won’t end up in next week’s trash. Silk plants and flowers have come a long way from their plastic ancestors. With extremely lifelike and artistic branches, leaves, and blooms, even your green-thumb mom will love a silk arrangement. Please visit our site to view our vast selection of beautiful silk flower arrangements for mom.

Another recent trend is homemade gifts for mom. Consider one of the following:

  • Custom made “mother” jewelry
  • A tea cup and saucer decorated personally at a local pottery club
  • A memoir of random photos, quotations, and notes arranged in a leather bound album
  • A hand painted glass vase to hold flower bouquet
  • If her children or grandchildren are young, she will love a homemade gift such as a hand painted magnet, a personally decorated ornament of some sort, or a unique wooden craft designed to please her personal taste and style.

To bring your Mother’s Day celebration full circle, end her day with one of the following:

  • Dinner at her favorite restaurant. Moms around the world agree: the best way to make food taste even better is to have someone else cook it and clean up after it!
  • Coffee, tea, and cake with her family. Turn the TV off, gather on the front porch or back deck and tell mom of all the times she’s been your hero.
  • Give her a card with a very meaningful hand written message that she can enjoy time after time.
  • Treat her with a gift certificate to her favorite salon for a hair or nail treatment.

How can we even start to thank mom for all she’s done for us. This year, go the extra mile and make this Mother’s Day celebration really stand out!! Mom’s a star – let her shine!

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Wedding flowers: Going synthetic.

April 19th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

In 2008, statistics say that the average couple spends between 10 and 20% of their entire wedding budget on their silk flower arrangements, wedding plants, bouquets and boutonnières, and table centerpieces for the reception area. And that’s a hefty chunk of change considering that the current figure of average wedding expenses for couples in the US is pushing $25,000. In this article, we’ll talk about cutting those costs way down and how you can turn an investment that would usually only last the weekend into something that will be enjoyed year after year.

By choosing silk flower arrangements, silk wedding flowers for bouquets or boutonnieres, and artificial plant and silk flower centerpieces, you can cut your costs way down and also turn that investment into long term décor for your new home. Once the wedding is over, the champagne has been poured, and the couple has left, the only thing left to do is clean up. Live plants only stay beautiful and useful for a week or two depending on the level of care they get after the wedding. Traditionally the bridal bouquet is the only thing that gets special attention, and typically, that attention is to be thrown over the shoulder of the bride, never to be seen or cherished again. In recent years, a wedding-toss bouquet has made it possible for the bride to keep her original bouquet for sentimentality, but even thereafter, drying and preserving it properly is no small task.

Today’s silk flower arrangements are extremely lifelike and beautiful. From delicate veins running through their petals to the elegant way that stems seamlessly meet up with blooms, telling if the silk flower arrangement is truly live or artificial is much harder than you might think. Choosing to use silk flower arrangements and bouquets over their live counterparts offers many benefits without losing a bit of the beauty and realism of the arrangement. So instead of trying to preserve a beautiful bridal bouquet, instead, it can also be turned into a stunning centerpiece or be kept beautifully in a glass vase, held together by acrylic water, to be enjoyed in a prominent part of the new house.

Another huge advantage is that the wedding arrangements and bouquets can be prepared as far in advance as is needed. No more worrying about last minute weather changes that might spoil your gorgeous calla lily bouquet or thoughts of how the summer heat and humidity might affect the delicate leaves and blooms of your other arrangements. No last minute deliveries of the wrong flower or even last minute rushing around to get all the plants arranged “just so”. Choosing silk means you can arrange your plants, your bouquets, and all of your reception centerpieces literally months in advance. And for you allergy sufferers, no swollen, itchy eyes on your wedding day.

Make your wedding as special as it possibly can and turn a sizable short-term investment into something you’ll be able to enjoy for many years after the last of the rice has been picked out of your hair!! Please visit our beautiful selection of wedding flowers and centerpieces. Each arrangement is hand crafted by design professionals. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you.

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Helpful hints for decorating with outdoor wreaths.

April 18th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Whether bought to welcome guests at the front door or to grace the back patio, outdoor wreaths make a wonderful addition to home décor.

Outdoor wreaths come in many varieties of colors, flowers, season, size, and material.

Dried outdoor wreaths are made of flowers and leaves that have been dried either in a controlled environment or by exposure to natural sunlight. These wreaths work best for people living in a humid climate. Without dense humidity, breakage and flower crumbling occurs quite easily.

Preserved outdoor wreaths are made of live flowers that have been chemically preserved. Some preserving agents also add a boost of color to give the wreath a longer life and more vibrant colors. These wreaths work best for people living in a dry climate as humidity often causes their artificially added color to run or their preservation to be compromised.

Artificial and silk outdoor wreaths are made from synthetic materials and are made to withstand all types of weather and humidity levels. They are also hypoallergenic and have very low maintenance. Most high quality artificial or silk wreaths look extremely lifelike and are built to endure beautifully season after season, year after year.

Depending on the flowers and foliage in your wreath, small adaptations can keep it in season all year round. In summer, consider adding a few sprigs of fresh greenery and even a few real or silk in-season blooms such as tulips or crocuses. In summer, remove the spring additions and add a warm, buttery silk bow with a fan of dried variegated grasses or small blooms such as orange blossoms. In fall, remove summer additions and add rust colored leaves and a spray of baby’s breath running throughout or tied in a bow on the side. In winter, remove the fall additions and wrap a string of miniature white Christmas lights around your wreath and add a few small gold ornaments with a large red velvet bow.

Stop by our site and browse our beautiful selection of outdoor wreaths today!! Our talented designers are just waiting to assist you!

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Spring Plants.

April 17th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

The great wonder of springtime is the transformation of a bleak, brown landscape changed into one charged with color and beauty. Spring bulb plants often break through ground long before the frozen earth has thawed and before the last of winter’s snow has melted bringing with them the sense of new beginnings… the victory of life over death.

Spring is the season of life. New life.

Daffodils, tulips, crocus, paper whites, iris, and lilies are just a few of the natural stunners to make their welcome appearance – each one with such different shape, size, color and fragrance. In the fall, these bulbs are placed in holes in the earth and buried. They hibernate, as it were, through the chills of winter often protected by extra layers of mulch.

Other flowers of the season include calla lily, hydrangea, freesia, ranunculus, peonies, daisies, poppies, violets, sunflowers, and asters. Spring flowers make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day, anniversary, and birthday and bring elegant cheer to Easter celebrations and bridal parties.

This year, why not consider a spring silk flower arrangement or artificial plant to make your investment last year after year. We’d love for you to visit our gorgeous selection of spring and Mother’s Day arrangements.

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner.

April 16th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

2 ideas for kid-created Mother’s Day gifts.

As a mom myself, I can confidently say that I would treasure a gift made of popsicle sticks and the love of my child far more than I would a gift with an expensive price tag. Making moms feel special on Mother’s Day doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg – employ a little childlike creativity and infuse a little love and tenderness and your gift is sure to make her day… if not, year. Save the lavish gifs for another occasion, on Mother’s Day, it really is the thought and thoughtfulness that counts!

Instead of the traditional fresh cut bouquet of roses or mixed flowers, why not give mom some longer lasting silk flower arrangements this year. Here are my two personal favorites:

  • Pencil/pen silk flower arrangement. If your house is like mine, pens and pencils are never quick to find. Dad can help with this project/gift that mom will find not only beautiful, but also very useful. Select 6-8 high quality, life-like stems of silk flowers. Using green gardener’s tape, fix the stem of the artificial flower to the shaft of the pen or pencil very securely creating a pretty writing utensil. Repeat with approximately 4 pens and 4 pencils. Select a short vase or decorative jar and fill bottom with smooth river stones to about one inch deep. Place pen/pencil flowers into vase and hold your arrangement in place by making use of the pebble base. Tie a wide and beautiful ribbon at the lip of the vase/jar for a beautiful and whimsical finish.
  • Silk flower arrangement in acrylic water. A similar idea is to have dad select a tall beautiful glass vase and place smooth river stones in the bottom. He can also add fillers such as bamboo shoots, greenery, or variegated grass that will accessorize the flowers that the children will add later. Each child will select one stem of a high quality silk flower making sure that the combination of flowers chosen harmonizes in the bouquet. Help them design a homemade Mother’s Day card that they can fix to the top of the stem with easily removable yarn or string. When mom receives her individual stems gifts from each child, she can place them in the readied vase from dad. Finish the job by adding about two inches of acrylic water to the bottom (cover stones) and allow to harden for 24-48 hours. It’s a silk flower arrangement that is both visually pleasing and bound to become a dear treasure mom will enjoy a lot longer than the traditional bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

For live designer advice and a stunning selection of individual silk flower stems and silk flower arrangements in acrylic water, please visit our site. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting to assist you.

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Liquid Illusion silk flower arrangements: the latest splash on the interior design scene.

April 15th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

For years, silk flowers have taken a bad rap for their starchy, plastic relatives best known in our parents’ era. Receiving “fake” flowers was more of an insult than a gift. No longer!! Today’s silk flowers are turning that all around. Not only are they lifelike and realistic – often bringing curious observers to actually need to touch, smell, and feel the plant in order to determine whether it’s real or not – they are also a very economic alternative to replacing fresh cut flowers at the beginning of a new week to grace the foyer of the office, the centerpiece at a fine restaurant, or even the dining table in your home. With features such as dust- resistance and a selection that ranges from orchids and other rare beauties to daises and other common pleasers, one wonders why anyone would choose the old-fashioned route of spending the same cash on something that will end up in last week’s trash by next Monday morning.

Liquid Illusion silk flowers are silk floral arrangements fit with a complimenting vase and arranged in clear liquid acrylic. Depending on the look and feel desired, accessories such as river rocks, glass gemstones, small seashells, bamboo shoots, or leaf stalks allow for a unique and convincing long-term decorating investment.

Liquid Illusion silk flowers, also known as silk flowers in acrylic water, can be purchased pre-designed and ready to display, or they can be purchased in individual stems and completed by even the most novice of decorators.

How to create liquid illusion silk flowers:

Step 1. Select your flowers, vase, and accessories (stone, bamboo, etc).
Step 2. Pre- arrange your flowers. Once your arrangement is satisfactory, tie it together gently in a way that can easily be removed once the acrylic has hardened.
Step 3. Following directions on the package carefully pour Liquid Illusion into base of vase using care not to splash onto walls of the vase. Minimize free fall as bubbles will occur and harden. A funnel is a suggested means of prevention. (If adding fillers to the base of the vase, they must be in before the Liquid Illusion is added.)
Step 4. Place pre-arranged flowers into Liquid Illusion and allow it to harden for 24-48 hours. Remove tie once fully dried.

Voila! Your very own, uniquely designed liquid illusion silk flowers, ready to fool even the keenest eye.

For pre-made Liquid Illusion silk flowers meticulously created by professional designers, please visit our site and browse our vast selection ranging from red roses, daisies, bird of paradise, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, amaryllis, calla lilies and many more.

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Artificial plants used in outdoor landscaping.

April 14th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Whether or not one has the appropriate skills or free time, flower gardens with modern outdoor planters and lush outdoor greenery are enjoyable to all.  To some, gardening itself is an utter joy and delight.  Nothing is more invigorating, inspiring, and relaxing than getting their fingers in the earth to create something beautiful.  The smell of the fresh air, the sting of the sun on their skin, and the enjoyment of hard work is itself is as rewarding as the plants that eventually grow.

For others, it’s simply a matter of lack of time.  No matter how much they’d love to, there just isn’t time to garden.   The tending and the watering and the pruning… it’s not that they wouldn’t enjoy it, it’s that, let’s face it: they’re busy! In fact, there is another solution. You can always get professional help from a local tree services. Call Georgia Tree Company for details.

 And still there are others who don’t enjoy gardening at all.  It’s just not their cup of tea, so to speak.  However, hard work and weekly maintenance aren’t always necessary components to having a beautiful garden.  The use of artificial plants and silk flowers in outdoor landscaping has increased in popularity in recent years.  Afraid they’ll look fake and plastic?  This industry has certainly come a long way, creating plants, blooms, branches, and leaves that look so realistic and life-like that even the avid gardener might have to do a smell test to be sure they aren’t alive.  High-quality synthetic materials used in their design make them more durable than ever and able to withstand the elements beautifully.

Hedges, silk topiaries, silk trees, hanging baskets, decorative wreaths, artificial plants, and silk floral arrangements in every color of any species you can imagine are among the myriads of silk flowers and artificial plants available for outdoor use.   Whether they come pre-potted or ready for you to place into your own favorite planter, you’ll find yourself enjoying your new garden in no time – without the huge investment of time.  And just think, next spring you won’t have to repeat the process!

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Spring and summer decorative wreaths.

April 13th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

Welcome guests this spring with a warm, decorative wreath on your front door. With such a wide variety to choose from, any stylistic palette can be pleased. Whether purchasing for long-term usage or for one season’s use, a wreath will liven up any home’s entrance.

White magnolias are a lovely spring selection. Magnolia blossoms are pure white with dark green leaves on a vine base. Its stark contrast is both elegant and refined.

For a light, happy summer feel, look for door wreaths made with a combination of morning glory, petunias, eucalyptus, dainty ferns, hydrangea, daisies, peonies, or other brightly colored blooms.

If floral isn’t your preference, consider a more earthy approach and look for a decorative wreath accessorized with textured balls, pine cones, variegated grasses, wheat stalks, feathers, leaves, and moss. Or for a Victorian, romantic ambiance, select a wreath of roses accented with ivy, berries, grapevine, eucalyptus, or small blooms and buds of other flower types.

For outdoor use, be sure to choose a door wreath sized in proper proportion to the door where it will be hung. Small and dainty wreaths tend to shrink the illusionary size of your door considerably. A large wreath with large blossoms and overflowing greenery will have the opposite affect – seeming to add size. For double hung doors, a matching wreath for both doors is best.

Now that you’ve purchased your outdoor wreaths, you’ve left to simply hang them in the desired locations. Wreath hangers are available at most craft stores and where wreaths are sold for under $15. The most common wreath hanger is an over the door holder. One part of the wreath hanger fits snugly over the top of the door while the hook part hangs down for the wreath to be hung from. Another popular display method is a wreath stand. While obviously not a good choice for a front door, it can work nicely in a corner of the porch arranged next to a wicker rocker. There are also various weighted ledge hangers that work by placing the weighted base on a ledge and fixing the wreath into place on the hanger that comes down from the base.

For seasons when your decorative wreaths are not in use, you might consider investing in wreath storage boxes. They are available in cardboard and in durable, air-tight plastic. Their circular-shape will help maintain your outdoor wreath’s shape while stored far better than plastic wrap and tape. Stacking wreath-storage boxes help greatly in organizing both small and large houses. They make for quick access and great space utilization. Just pull out the storage box, open them to see ‘like- new’ sets of door wreaths.

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A table of traditional wedding anniversary gifts.

April 12th, 2008 by Heather Dyer

At this same time last year, they were busy putting together the final arrangements for their big day. Details like honeymoon plans, fitting properly into the dress and tux, and preparing the reception area absorbed their every thought. Today however, the newlyweds aren’t exactly newly wed nor are bouquets of baby’s breath and removing shoe polish from the getaway car are the first things on their mind.

Here is a table of traditional wedding anniversary gifts listed year by year.

First – paper product such as a wedding/first year album or certificate, clock
Second – cotton products such as a personalized afghan or table runner, china
Third – leather, crystal, glass
Fourth – appliances, flower arrangements or potted plants (consider an artificial plant or silk floral arrangement for longevity)
Fifth – wood item such as anniversary plaque or frame, silverware
Tenth – tin/aluminum products, diamond jewelry
Twentieth – china, platinum jewelry
Thirtieth – pearls, diamonds
Fortieth – ruby jewelry
Fiftieth – gold jewelry
Sixtieth – diamonds

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is as important as celebrating the Big Day itself. It is revisiting the most special moment in the couple’s life and gathering to celebrate a year of successful marriage. Making this day special for them says in a clear voice that this couple is very important to you and that you are dedicated to the success of their marriage.

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